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High Security Checks

Put an extra lock on your bank account! ... While standard checks help you conduct business every day, High Security Checks offer peace of mind by protecting you against common check fraud tactics - With modern copiers producing duplicates that rival originals, it’s easier than ever for fraudsters to copy and fake a business check.

High Security Check

High security checks are specifically designed with multiple layers of defense to protect against fraud.

  • DETER criminals with features to prevent copying, identify when alteration has been attempted and easily identify if a check is an original document.
  • DETECT fraud attempts more quickly, enabling fraudulent checks to be reported sooner thereby protecting your account.
  • DEFEND your credit record by demonstrating to authorities you've proactively reduced your risk.

Security FeaturesSecurity Features:

Multi-Tonal Void Pantograph & Verification Grid
A VOID element appears, and an otherwise noticeable element disappears, when the document is copied. This provides an effective deterrent to criminals. 

Thermochromic Ink
Ink reacts to heat to deter and detect copying.

Foil Hologram
Multi-Colored, dimensional foil has seven embedded security features that cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners.

False- Positive Test Area
A fluorescent lock appears when viewed under UV light.

Anti-Copy Technology
This feature makes it very difficult to copy a document on the majority of copiers in use today.

High-Security Background Colors
Copiers and scanners cannot duplicate these Blue, Green, Maroon, Gray or Tan background colors.
Chemical-Wash Detection Area - Chemical alteration attempts result in speckling or stains in the lock area.
Original Document Backer - Original document screening deters cut-and-paste alteration attempts.

True Watermark
Watermark pressed into paper can be seen by holding the check up to a light source but cannot be reproduced by copiers or scanners.

Also includes these security features:  Chemical-sensitive paper * Consecutive numbering * Invisible fluorescent fibers * Microprinted borders * Visible fibers * Toner adhesion * Padlock icon * Security warning box * Warning border * High- Resolutions border elements  * Color pantograph background pattern

Many businesses don’t expect they will be a victim of check fraud. But research indicates 66% of businesses experience actual or attempted payment fraud.1Why take the risk? For just pennies more per check, you can upgrade to High Security checks with features that deter, detect and defend your business against check fraud. Contact us to discuss your needs at

Economy Office Supply Co. offers an extensive selection of business checks that make it easy for you
to find the right solution for your payment and cash management needs.

1Payments Fraud and Control Survey released by the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP)

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