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Economy Office Supply

Custom Printed Envelopes

Unique envelopes create an immediate brand connection.

Branded envelopes are available for almost any use, with stationery envelopes that act as a professional complement to letterhead,

business envelopes are perfect for invoices and other daily mail pieces, and mailing envelopes are ready for catalogs and other oversized marketing pieces.

Stationery Envelopes

Size: #10 - 41/8" x 91/2"

Many coordinating stocks to choose from
Available imprint options:

Full Color Flat        |  Spot Color Flat  | Full Color Raised  

Spot Color Raised  | Foil Stamped  | Blind Embossed

Back Flap Printing (Flat Only)

Business Envelopes

Sizes: #10 - 91/2" x 41/8" ,  #9 - 87/8" x 37/8" , #6 - 35/8" x 61/2"

Available options:

  • Full Color Flat  | Spot Color Flat  |  Window              
  • Security Tint  | Flip and Seal  | Peel and Seal
  • Back Flap Printing

Mailing Envelopes

Sizes: 6x9, 9x12, 10x13

Available options:

  • Full Color Flat  | Spot Color Flat  | Catalog (Open End)  
  • Booklet (Open Side)  | Peel and Seal  | Back Flap Printing

Economy Office Supply Co. in Glendale California provides custom envelope printing (and more). Ensure your customers recognize correspondence from your company at a glance by using custom business envelopes. Your printed logo and address on your customized envelope will definitely be an impressive expression of your professionalism. Get started today by contacting Bing at 818-548-1525 Ext.119 or email

Note: Not all options are available for every size or every style. One Color Printing means that your design contains only one ink color. For example, if you print design is all black, that means the design is 1 Color Printing. Gray scale designs, which contain a range of grays, are also considered one color printing. Two Color Printing means that your design contains two different ink colors. For example, if your printed design only contains navy blue and gold then that means it's Two Color Printing. All print designs with more than two colors require an ink process called Full Color Printing, which is also known as CMYK. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Key means black). These four ink colors can be combined to print an unlimited number of colors. If your design contains more than two colors, it's Full Color Printing.

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