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Economy Office Supply


"I am just delighted with the desk (from which I will soon be broadcasting my show, as a matter of fact). Frank had suggested that I visit the Maverick company, and that made all the difference. The file cabinets needed just to match exactly the ones we already had, and he made that happen, too."

– Melinda,

"I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I enjoy working with Miriam.  She is always pleasant and eager to help and there are times when I really need her help.  She is a wonderful to deal with."

– Linda, Admarketing

"I’m writing regarding the outstanding service provided by your employee, Miriam Vasquez. Miriam’s extensive knowledge and organizational skills guarantee our orders will always be handled expeditiously.  Her ability to communicate effectively and clearly makes doing business with her a pleasure. 

As a very satisfied customer, I want to make sure you’re aware of how dedicated and hard-working Miriam Vasquez is at your company. "

– Tracy, Don Buchwald & Associates

"Thank you and thank you to our wonderful driver (Frank) for knowing me so well.  He truly is awesome!!"

– Sandra, Kilroy-Long Beach


I am writing to you regarding my most recent experience with the EOS delivery representative.

I have written to you before thanking you for the opportunity to work with such an amazing account executive, Ron Lasley. Ron surely secures our relationship with EOS even more with every new order I place. However, my e-mail today is regarding Filipe and his delivery this morning.

I cannot begin to explain the level of appreciation and respect I have for EOS due to your company’s representatives! Filipe portrays the utmost level of respect, professionalism, sincerity, and kindness during EVERY delivery! I am in awe of the fact that every EOS representative I’ve worked with thus far has been so professional! We frequently receive deliveries from FedEx and UPS where the drivers rush us and expedite the signature process; EOS does everything but that! Their patience, kindness, and professionalism absolutely makes EOS stand out. I will personally make sure EOS remains as our main source for office supplies as long Ron and Filipe are a part of our team! J

THANK YOU Filipe & Ron and THANK YOU Deborah for providing such amazing staff!"

– Tiffany, Faith & Hope Hospice Care


I just wanted to send a “Thank you!” for a nice time yesterday.  The staff is very nice.  Adriana, Christina and I had a great time.  We enjoyed the food, also.  Look forward to another one next year."

– Cathy, Motion Picture Editors Guild

"As usual ... I had a wonderful time at your Open House!  I think it was a great success ... and we had cake, too!  You can't beat that!

This event had the added bonus of hearing Mr. Bing Miller serenade the two birthday folks! What a pleasant surprise. I had no idea he had such a wonderful voice and stage presence. Although my feelings ARE hurt that I wasn't asked to supply background vocals. 

I can't imagine the amount of hard word and re-organizing you all did ... transforming your warehouse area into an inviting arena to showcase Economy. Good job!

Have a calm and relaxing Friday and put your feet up!  You deserve a day of rest.  Congratulations!

PS:  Maybe next year I will win the iPad!!  It was a hoot to see how excited the little boy was when he drew the winning ticket for his Mother!!"

– Judy, Graphics Designs Unlimited


I am writing to you regarding our business accounts representative, Ron Lasley. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for providing us with the best account manager! Since the first day, Ron has provided us with outstanding customer service and has addressed all my concerns promptly! I was surprised with his manners when he courteously spent a while on the phone helping me complete my first order! He remained patient, reassuring, and confident that I would be provided with all the right products, at the best prices!

It is because of Ron that I have gladly tossed my Office Depot & Staples catalogs! Even with their best discounts, other company representatives cannot be compared to Ron’s courtesy. I have referred Ron and EOS to all the business owners I know and as a small business owner myself, I look forward to initiating my own account with EOS soon."

– Tiffany A., Faith & Hope Hospice Care

"Just so you know, we get calls and people stopping by trying to get our business, never gonna happen, we love the personal assistance and care we get!"

– Dealey, Renton & Associates


Sorry I didn’t have a chance to write you this yesterday but I received your sample letterhead and it looks exceptionally good. I really appreciate the quality and time you put into making our letterhead look more professional. I compared it to our other letterhead and WOW what a difference!!! Thank you so much!!"

– Jessica C., Rose, Snyder & Jacobs


I have just taken over the job of office manager for Shapell Industries corporate office.  I have been here 15 years  so I have known Jeff for a long time and he is a very, very nice and pleasant person.  But now  as I do the online ordering and working directly with economy I have had to call your office for many reasons , many times a day for the last few months.  I want to express to you that  everyone  from your receptionist to Frank , Wilmer , Waldo, and of course Jeff have been so patient and understanding with me during my transition.  I have never worked with so many really caring people all under one roof."

– Phyliss M., Shapell Industries

"I nominate Kathleen King because she is always so helpful... everytime I call she gets the quote back to me in minutes... emails me on the 1st of the month regarding our paper order... she is always friendly & her... emails make me smile."

– ARXIS Financial, Inc.

"I have worked with Dan Brown for years - he knows me and what I like - and I always get such fabulous service"

– Every Child Achieves, Inc

"She is always courteous and makes sure the calls gets put throught to the proper person. The phone is answered quickly and professionally. It is always a pleasure to call EOS. Please consider Adriana as employee star of... the week"

– Dealey Renton 


I have been with this Company 7 years, I have been purchasing from your Company since I have started, Kathleen King is the number one person that I have been working with, besides all others, Kathleen all thru the years... working with her has been Very Helpful, has patience for me. Returns my calls at all times, follows up with my e-mails, also lets me know if there is back-orders. I feel that I have a special relationship with her. Would not trade her for the WORLD!"

– Directex

"Adriana, she helps me with my difficult and last minute orders."

– Kilroy

"Kathleen, she always work quickly and effectively"


"I nominate Kathleen King as employee of the week because she is always cheerful, upbeat and helps me find the things I cannot find online or in your catalog. She’s the best!"

– Don Brandel 

"My favorite employee id Kathleen King, she always goes above and beyond to help me get what I need and she always a pleasure to talk too. She is never too busy to research something for me when I only have a vague des...cription of what it is I’m looking for. She is always in good spirts and has the patience of a saint."

– Admarketing Inc

"No matter what type of day Kathleen is having, she is always very pleasant. Kathleen is always timey with my quotes and orders.
If Kathleen has to leave early –she informs me that she is leaving early and if I have a quote, she tells me who to direct the quote to.
I can hear Kathleen smile thru-her voice.
I call Kathleen my personal Shopper because she is so good at what she does- In today’s world of customer service it takes a special person to work with customers. Even if I do not win-It, give me GREAT PLEASURE to give KATHELEN KING A COMPLIMENT FOR A JOB WELL DONE"

– Pentel 

"I am so happy to have this opportunity to let everyone at EOSC know that my" FAVORITE" employee is Kathleen King. Her "KNOWLEDGE" of the products I need is "SOOO VAST"! Whether I e-mail an inquiry to her, or call her, she is "QUICK" to get back to me with the information I need to place my order. She's an "EXTRAORDINARY" trouble shooter. Because of her skills, Kathleen makes me look soooo good in the eyes of my fellow employees. Though I tell them it's because of my "VERY EXCELLENT" contact at EOSC, namely Kathleen, my colleagues have made me the hero and give the credit to me. Always, I'll give the credit to Kathleen.Kathleen seems never too busy to give me her time. I know I'm not the only customer she helps, yet, she is so "CALM" and "AT EASE". I sense she's "VERY WELL ORGANIZED". I feel as though she's giving all of her time to me. Her manner is "WONDERFULLY PLEASANT". I do believe that all the customers who know her must feel the same as I do; how could they not?
If anyone is the epitomy of "FANATICAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT", Kathleen is. I give to her all my gratitude for helping me to be successful in what I do here at Exemplis; Thank you, thank you Kathleen :]"

– Exemplis 

"Kathleen, she is always able to get what we need. Thanks!"

– Lagerlof

"Kathleen has always been there when I needed help. She is quick, professional and always friendly. I enjoy working with her and always know that she is doing the best job she can for my company."

– Tobin

"My favorite employee is Adriana Garcia.
Adriana is patient when my busy schedule has left me frustrated, considerate when I have questions, and eager to satisfy my office supply needs, she is helpful, friendly, supportive,... and courteous when taking my calls.When Adriana personally handled my office supply needs I was always relieved to know I was being given the highest level of expertise available."

– Divorce Court   

"Thanks to you and all of Economy staff for always being so pleasant and helpful, it is always appreciated."

– Vera L., Grief & Co.

"Hello Adriana,

I just received my order on time and with the usual expert handling.

As a long time client I am comforted to know I can continue to rely on not only your considerate and patient understanding of my budgetary restraints for value and competitive pricing, but also for your friendly and personable expertise in customer care.

Thank you for making the process of maintaining Divorce Court’s demanding office supply needs an enjoyable experience."

– R.S, FOX Television; Divorce Court

"Howdy Mel !

Hope your Holidays were GREAT. We are looking forward to spending 2010 with Economy as y’all always give great service. In my experiences with your team they’ve always been wonderful, from your customer service team to your delivery personnel. Thank You ALL for your hard work and dedication to our needs…Keep up the good work!"

– Chris P., L.A. Studios, Inc.

"Happy holidays and thank you for everything that you guys have done for us, your service is greatly appreciated. We also wanted to specifically thank Adriana for her immense help and support. She is always on top of things and is very dedicated to her work."

– Ramiro I., Moore McLennan


Your driver is awesome! He made it here at 9:30am… this is what I call GREAT service and customer satisfaction… Let my friend (the carrier) know I said Thank you for making it happen."

– Zita M., Total Transporation Services, Inc.

"Happy Thanksgiving! And thanks to all of you for the great and prompt service."

– Hildur, Parsec, Inc.

"Jeff –

It’s not the first time we’ve had an issue w/ the berries on the trees out front, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Certain times of the year those berries are everywhere!  Nothing we can do about it.  Thank you for your concern though.  I really appreciate that.  You know Office Depot wouldn’t care about something like that.

The first order went great.  Fast, correct, and free cookies – who wouldn’t love that?  And the fact that you ship in a bag, when available, and don’t waste a box – I appreciate that as well.

Thanks again"

– E.O, H.L. Moe Co., Inc.

"Good morning,

I wanted to shoot you an email to let you know how much we appreciate Kathleen.  She has been able to help us with every inquiry that we’ve had and she’s able to get back to us within a reasonable time frame.  There are times when Trina or I will call her 3 – 7 times a day and she always has a positive attitude and a willingness to help.  It also helps that she sends me emails detailing our backorders and the items’ estimated delivery date.  I know that we (Vector) always love hearing feedback from our clients so I wanted to let you know that Kathleen has been a wonderful customer service support for our company.  Thank you for assigning her to our account!"

– S.H, Accounting Department, Vector Resources, Inc.

"Hello Jeff,

I just had to send this little note to say that I absolutely love the customer service with your company. I have been ordering from you for a little over seven years now, and service has always been very prompt. Kathleen is the best! She sends me my quotes within a matter of minutes after my request, and always follows up with a courtesy call. I just want to thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my company.

Thank you!"

– L.T, Omega/Cinema Props

"Good morning,

I am always in such a hurry with everything I do but this morning I would like too take a little time out to tell you how much I really appreciate your hard work these last several months.  Kathleen, I want to give you the highest praise possible you step right in after Andrew left and took off with the responsibilities of giving me the quotes I request on a timely and professional manner. I can only say THANK YOU it really means a lot to me because the open communication-lines are very important in my position as well as yours.  Economy is very fortunate to have you on their staff.  Again, Kathleen I thank you so much for such wonderful customer service."

– Linda Washington, Administrative Assistant, Pentel of America, Ltd


I hope you know what an asset Kathleen is to Economy Office Supply. Whenever I run into trouble (which is more often than I would like), I send her an email asking for help. She always responds in an upbeat and helpful way. It is a rare occasion that she does not bail Don Brandel Plumbing out. I would say she's got one of the best attitudes I've ever run across.

So, since I always tell her how great she is, I thought I should tell her boss, too.

I've been purchasing office supplies for many years and to me, Kathleen is an excellent representative for Economy Office Supply."

– Pam Evans

"Kudos to your company for employees like Kathleen King with excellent customer service skills!"

– Naila A. Lapus , Office Services Administrator , CB Richard Ellis - Valuation & Advisory Services

"Just wanted to pass along the terrific assistance I have been receiving from Kathleen King.  She has told me about the HP Program and thus we will try to order recycled HP paper going forward.

I just wanted someone to know she is going above and beyond the call...."

– Pamela Scott , Vice President, Administration , Planning Company Associates, Inc.

"I noticed today on our Economy Office Supply invoice that the sales person listed is not Kathleen King.  I discovered that she is customer service, not considered sales, per se.  So, I wanted to do two things.  One, to compliment her very highly for her instant response, creative suggestions and constant positive attitude.  Second, was the part about her name not being on the invoice…….

I just wanted to be sure you knew how much we rely on her and that you are aware of our high praise.  We were referred to you by the Clarett Group and have been very pleased with service."

– Dawn Hardwick, Office Manager, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance, Central Hollywood Coalition


I can't thank you enough for your help with my orders. I appreciate the follow through as not many companies or representatives feel the need to he helpful.

In addition, please give an extra special thanks to Andrew in Customer Service. Not only was he extremely helpful, but he was also patient as I had many calls coming in, and many interruptions while I was placing the order.

Have a great afternoon."

– S.M 

"Hi Debi,

I hope your day is going well.

I had a moment of quiet time and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to commend you and your company on the excellent service our office receives.  We both know in our businesses any client can get the same item for the same price at a number of different vendors.  That works the same for the insurance industry too.  So what differentiates us from others is we try to give the client something they want in addition to the product.  Without a doubt your company has done that for us.

When I first met with Ron he asked for a “wish list” from us. (Kaitlyn and I)  Although I can not recall what Kaitlyn said, I do know that I had two requests.  One was a green laser pointer that an on/off switch so you didn’t have to hold the button down to work.  The other one was No E-mail to me (because I get so much e-mail on a daily basis) but to go through Kaitlyn.  Needless to say I have received both of my wishes.  I’ve had my pointer for close to a year and unless I initiate the e-mail I do not get one from your company.

Just a week or so ago, we needed some “give aways” and Ron came through for us in less than a week.  We had our name printed on some sun screen lanyards.  About a month ago I need to get some furniture for an office and I needed the color and type to go with our existing furniture, Ron was there with Kaitlyn providing her with brochures and plot plans.

Today I sent Ron an e-mail thanking him for what he has done for us and I asked him for your e-mail address, his response was immediate.  I can’t thank you enough for your excellent service team and the close attention to detail that they perform.

Since I started this e-mail (around 11:20am) I have had several interruptions, but I am finally getting a chance to finish this.  Again, thank you for the excellent service from you and your company and a special thank you to Ron for all that he does for Kaitlyn and this agency.  All the best to you."

– D.Y, Vice President/Operations Manager, Elkins Jones Insurance Agency, Inc.

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