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What’s Your Workspace Style?

Why your office design matters.

Oftentimes the way your office space looks takes a back seat to higher priority projects. But you wouldn’t build an ill-designed store or website for your customers – so why do we let our own personal workspaces remain drab and boring? Creating a comfortable and inviting workspace plays a big role in your overall attitude and productivity. But how do you know the right office design for you? Here are a few design personalities to help you figure out your own.

Neat & Tidy

Are you the type of person who thinks that everything should have its place? Do you enjoy color coordination and keeping your calendar up to date? If this sounds like you, then you may be a neatnik. Neatniks are people who thrive off of order and can’t quite get comfortable until all their ducks are in a row. Making sure your office is neat and tidy is the first step, but there’s more you can do to help keep you feeling great at work. Upgrade your office supplies collection with color-coordinated sets. That way you can easily find the right notebook or make a note in your calendar or post a sticky note that correlates with a specific project. If you have a lot of paperwork to maintain, look for colorful folders and organizers to keep everything in order.

The Collector

Do you love tchotchkes, knickknacks, ornaments, etc.? Does seeing and touching your bobbles bring you joy? You might be a collector. Having a lot of stuff can often be seen as distracting, but to a collector, the collection is invigorating and exciting. A great tip for collectors is to make sure you have the right tools to display your goodies so it looks like a curated collection and not a cluttered mess. Lining blank walls with bookcases and adding in floating shelving is a great canvas for showing off your trinkets. Another way to keep your collection fresh is to only exhibit parts of it at a time – stow away some pieces in storage bins or filing cabinets and then periodically change out your displays. This way you’ll not only have a chance to clean and review your collection, but you’ll keep your space looking new and refreshed on a regular basis.


Are you drawn to more luxurious textiles like rich wood and leather? Do you prefer to spend a little more on quality goods that will last? If a more sophisticated design style sounds like you, then you might be a designer. The designer is very selective when it comes to their office space. They’re often willing to wait until they come across the right piece of furniture or fabric or artwork before they make a purchase. One thing that might help you is working closely with your office supplier so you can get expert advice on what pieces will work best for your refined taste.


Are you easily distracted? Do bold colors bother you? Do you LOVE getting rid of excess? You might be a minimalist. Minimalism is all about removing distractions and how having less stuff in your eye line makes you feel calmer and more open. If this is the case, consider softer, more neutral-toned furniture, supplies and artwork for your office. Make sure to only keep the necessary items you need to complete the task at hand on your desk. Minimalism can feel, well, boring to others – but if the idea of a calm, Zen-like office makes you feel warm inside, then you may be a minimalist at heart. Lastly, if you’re true to whatever your design aesthetic is then you’ll most likely create a workspace that brings you energy and makes you feel happy. And a happy office is a more productive office.


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