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The Ultimate Bullet Journaling Guide 

Bullet Journaling is the latest trend to take over the productivity world, and for good reason. Bullet journaling allows you to thoughtfully organize your thoughts and tasks and intentionally plan out your schedule. Interested in learning more? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:  

Gather The Supplies  

The basic necessities for bullet journaling include a journal and a pen. That being said, you can always make things more fun by incorporating some fun markers, colorful pens, highlighters, and stickers. A great option is Pentel’s Recycled Retractable R.S.V.P. Colors Pens. 

Lay Out The First Pages 

The first few pages of your bullet journal should include sections for index pages, the future log, the monthly log, and the daily log. The index page is dedicated to organizing the content of your journal. The future log should be a collection of all the events coming up in the future, and the monthly log should keep track of important events, deadlines and goals for the next month. The daily log should be a more detailed section, devoted to tasks, helpful reminders, and more. At the end of the day, review your daily log, moving any items you didn’t get complete to the next day’s list to ensure they get done. Make sure high-priority reminders are jumping off the page with 3M’s Post-it® Dispenser Notes. 

Incorporate Unique Signifiers  

A fun part of bullet journaling is how much you can customize your journal to fit your needs. A great way to differentiate different types of entries is to use a variety of symbols to mark each section. This will allow you to keep the journal organized and easy to navigate. Some examples include boxes for tasks, stars for appointments, circles for important reminders, and exclamation points for urgent reminders. Once an item is complete, you can color the symbol in next to the section so you can easily identify what’s been completed and what you have left to do.  

Work more efficiently with bullet journaling!  

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