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Breakroom Essentials 

The breakroom is an essential part of your office space. A sanctuary for employees to relax, bond, brainstorm, and reboot, it’s important to ensure that your organization’s breakroom is a multi-functional, well-maintained, and up-to-date space. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you do a breakroom check-in:

Make Upgrades 

Your breakroom should be a comfortable setting, fitted with seating areas, a functional place to eat, and a table where important conversations and brainstorming sessions can occur. Be sure to update any furniture that no longer serves the space, is uncomfortable, or requires frequent repair. Don’t forget to update the appliances you don’t think about very often, like the trash bin.

Get Employee Input  

As you consider improving the breakroom, it’s important to get employee input. After all, it is their space! Be sure to set up a suggestion bin somewhere in the office or send out a company-wide survey. This will allow employees to comfortably share any ideas they have and will allow you to identify any common themes in the responses. By taking their feedback into consideration, employees will feel valued and have a sense of ownership over the space, ensuring that it remains well maintained and cared for. 

Create a Maintenance System  

It can be easy for the breakroom to get messy on occasion if there isn’t a proper system in place to keep it clean. Whether you create teams that tackle the cleaning each week or assign each employee “cleaning duty” a few days each month, it’s important that each person in the office has an investment in maintaining the breakroom. Be sure to keep all the right supplies nearby, so clean-up is a simple, hassle-free process that doesn’t take up much time.

Keep these tips in mind as you improve your organization's breakroom! 

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