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AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers

Healthy Air healthy spaces: Clean air is critical to creating healthy indoor environments. The average person inhales 3,000 gallons of indoor air every day, with most people spending 90% of their time indoors and nine hours per day in shared environments-spaces that are up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors.

Healthy Air for your space: AeraMax Professional commercial grade air purifiers provide maximum protection by removing up to 99.97% of all airborne contaminates, including airborne viruses. Specifically designed to provide 24/7 smart air cleaning for shared air environments using proven filtration technology.


EnviroSmart™ Technology works by utilizing an array of self-regulating sensors to continuously monitor contaminants, room occupancy and noise levels. These sensors allow AeraMax Pro air purifiers to work proactively, continuously monitoring the space as people move throughout.

PureView™ Technology a display that allows occupants to see the difference as they feel the difference. Two high grade laser particle counters monitor air quality as it enters and exists the machine, enabling the screen to show the air quality data in 2 different display modes:

  • Room Status: shows the current air quality in the room and the % of particles being captured in real-time.
  • PM2.5: Displays real time the PM2.5 levels entering the unit and being removed in the filtration process.

The Screen also showcases VOC/Odor levels and filter change reminders.

AeraMax Professional Models:

  • AM PRO 2 Small but big, 150 to 250 SQ FT. / 3 to 5 ach*
  • AM PRO 3 Perfect fit for most rooms, 300 to 550 SQ FT. / 3 to ach*
  • AM PRO 4 The right size for large spaces, 650 to 1,100 SQ FT. / 3 to 5 ach*




*ACH = Air Changes per hour. Simply put, ACH is the amount of times we can move the volume of air in a room through our machine. An ACH of 5 means your air is being cleaned every 12 minutes! You should be aiming for 3-5 air changes per hour.

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