3 Tips to a Healthier Work Life!

August 10, 2017

Not to oversimplify, but there really are easy ways to put a little pick-me-up into your work.
And they all involve picking yourself up from behind the desk and purposely adding small steps of activity to your workday.
Because a healthier workplace means happier employees. So let's get going on getting happier!



1. Alarm Yourself for Action (Because sitting does more than just tucker the tush)

Fact: Sitting 8-ish hours a day is bad for the bod. So set your smartphone alarm for a walk, stretch or stroll. Doesn't have to be a trek, but it does have to happen to do a body (and mind) good! And if something gets in the way between you and your mid-day march, be sure to reschedule to get in those steps.
P.S. Bathroom runs don't count!


2. Drop the Mouse ( Because pumping your feet pumps endorphins)

Getting blood moving in the body makes the brain feel better. It's true. So rather than emailing, texting, or calling, go to see a coworker. Discuss. Interact. Walk. Tech has made communication impersonal enough. Put the face back into face-to-face!


3. Take a Stand (Doctor's orders!)

You've heard it a million times - doctors say sitting all day can lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity, even diabetes! So why not upgrade that sitting desk to the standing variety? Or if you can't swing that, try moving your laptop to a file cabinet that fits your height and work for an hour or two taking a stand for your health!

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